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Keeping Tampa Bay Beautiful

A+ Lawns provides high quality, professional irrigation and lawn care services, that match your top notch expectations, in Tampa Bay. We bring out the maximum potential of your property's irrigation and landscaping. In Florida, proper irrigation maintenance is critically important for lawn upkeep. Properly working irrigation systems are especially important for water-dependent, turf grasses like, St. Augustine grass.

Many of our existing customers have seen wonderful results, in their landscaping, after our irrigation repair and improvement services. Our A+ staff and service have received countless testimonials and accolades. Our mission is to allow our customers and clients to enjoy Tampa Bay and fully utilize their beautiful, well-kept lawns.
Quick Tips:

"No matter the condition of your irrigation system, it should be checked regularly for clogs, damage, leaks or other problems, to ensure proper watering and irrigation."

"To maximize the effort of your irrigation and watering schedules, it is best to run your irrigation systems, in the early mornings."

"Be sure the grass is at the correct height for your type of lawn and irrigation system. Higher grass allows for deeper root systems and drought resilience. The correct grass height will assist with irrigation and watering efficiency."